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Personalized Books for Kids featuring Bedtime Stories for Kids, Birthday Wishes for Kids,
Inspirational Quotes for Kids, Affirmations for Kids, Love Poems for Kids, Gratitude Stories for Kids

Personalized Books for Kids with Bedtime Stories for Kids & Unconditional Love

Coloring Books for Kids – Personalized!

Featuring Love Poems for Kids, Affirmations for Kids & Inspirational Quotes for Kids

Personalized Books for Kids: A Quick Guide

At Live Well Media, we create personalized books to engage and empower children. Our personalized books for kids feature bedtime stories for kids, love poems for kids, positive affirmations for kids, inspirational quotes for kids, coloring books for kids, and more. Therefore, how do you choose the right book for you?

Personalized Bedtime Stories

If you seek soothing bedtime stories for kids, then take a look at A Bedtime Story and I Love You to the Moon. A Bedtime Story features sleep affirmations and I Love You to the Moon features love poems for kids.

Personalized Love Books with Love Poems for Kids

If you seek “I Love You” books and love poems for kids, then take a look at Love You Forever and You Are Loved. Both books convey a beautiful message of unconditional love. In addition, you may want to consider our beautiful bedtime story I Love You to the Moon.

Personalized Books with Moral Stories for Kids, Multicultural Stories & Books About Bullying

Choose Spread Love Wherever You Go if you seek books about teaching peace, overcoming adversity, moral stories for kids, books about bullying, multicultural children’s books.

Personalized Books with Positive Affirmations & Inspirational Quotes for Kids

If you seek to inspire a child with quotes or affirmations, then take a look at I Love Me! as well as our personalized coloring books Inspirational Quotes for Kids and Positive Affirmations for kids.

Personalized Birthday Books

If you seek birthday gifts for kids, then check out our Birthday Wishes for Kids. All in all, this colorful birthday book makes an adorable and uplifting birthday gift for kids.

Personalized Baby Books & Toddlers Books

For baby shower gifts, baby gifts and toddler gifts, take a look at Celebrating You. This beautiful book celebrates the adventures ahead for the child — along with unconditional love.

Personalized Gratitude Stories for Kids

If you seek gratitude stories for kids, then check out Thankful for You. This charming book celebrates an attitude of gratitude.

All of our personalized books for kids make the best gifts for kids. Give a book anytime you want to inspire a child and say “I Love You.” Additionally, give personalized books as birthday gifts for kids, Valentine gifts for kids, Easter gifts for kids, Christmas gifts for kids, and more.

Personalized Books for Kids with Inspirational Quotes and Affirmations for Kids

Why makes personalized books the best gifts for kids? First of all, in our personalized books, the child becomes the star of the story. Children love hear their name read aloud. Not only can this focus children’s attention, but it can also boost their self-esteem. Secondly, we love rhymes, and so do kids! For this reason, all of our personalized books feature rhymes and poems for kids. Thirdly, we filled our personalized books for kids with positive vibes. In particular, many of our personalized books include uplifting stories for kids, inspirational quotes for kids, and positive affirmations for kids. Moreover, research shows that affirmations can improve performance under pressure. Furthermore, inspirational quotes can increase motivation and alleviate depression. With this in mind, our personalized books for kids make uplifting and inspirational gifts for kids.

Video Intro for I Love Me!

Intro to I Love Me! Positive Affirmations for Kids, one of our personalized books for kids. We filled our personalized children’s books with fun rhymes, colorful illustrations, and affirmations for kids.

Personalized Books for Kids