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Personalized Children’s Books:
Positive Affirmations & Inspirational Quotes for Kids

The Power of Personalized Children’s Books

What makes personalized books so powerful? Children love hearing their name. Not only does hearing their name grab their attention, it can also give kids a little boost of self-esteem. Turn your child into the star of an uplifting story. At Live Well Media, we are committed to publishing stories for kids that both entertain and empower children. Our personalized books encourage confidence, healthy habits, gratitude and joy.

Personalized Children’s Books with Positive Affirmations for Kids

Did you know that positive affirmations can influence how we perform under pressure? Studies show that positive affirmations have a positive impact. Why not start your child early with positive self-talk? A positive mind can build a stronger defense against negativity and stress. A healthy mind is a happy mind.

Personalized Children’s Books with Inspirational Quotes and Unconditional Love

Our personalized coloring books feature inspirational quotes for kids as well as unconditional love. Inspirational quotes can remind us of what truly matters in life. Inspire a child in your life with words of wisdom, word of encouragement, and inspirational quotes.

Video Intro for I Love Me!

Intro to our I Love Me! Positive Affirmations for Kids — one of our personalized books. Our personalized children’s books are full of positive affirmations, gentle rhymes, and beautiful illustrations.

Personalized Children’s Books & Personalized Gifts for Kids

Positive and personalized children’s books make the best personalized gifts for kids. Live Well Media is committed to bringing you personalized books that inspire children. Our personalized books feature bedtime stories, coloring books, positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and more. We often hear that our kids books inspire adults as much as kids. Find out for yourself by purchasing one of our picture books or coloring books for kids.

Personalized Children's Books