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Personalized Books: Personalized Bedtime Story (with any child's name)

Personalized Children’s Books for Healthy Self-Esteem

Our personalized kids books are designed to boost kids health, particularly their confidence and self-esteem. We use affirmations for kids to emphasize their strengths and capabilities. Nurturing high self-esteem in children boosts their ability to conquer fears, overcome challenges, embrace happiness, and find peace within themselves and the world. What is Self-Esteem in Children? Self-esteem […]

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Personalized Books: Personalized Book of Affirmations for Kids (with any child's name)

“Be the Best Version of You!”

Motivational and inspirational quotes have grown more and more popular on social media today. However, as powerful as these positive messages can be, affirmations go even deeper. The potency of affirmations lies in personalizing and internalizing the positive message. For example, the graphic above offers a great message: “Be the Best Version of You.” This […]

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Boy Reading Bedtime Story

Benefits of Bedtime Stories

No need for expensive gadgets or technology. Apparently nothing quite beats the old-fashioned bedtime routine of a bedtime story — when it comes to early child development, learning and bonding. Based on new research, bedtime stories can offer extraordinary benefits to children. Not only do bedtime stories prepare children for sleep and nourish parent-child bonds, […]

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Girl Prayer to Sky

Bedtime Prayers for Children

Bedtime Prayer Giving Thanks and Love Dear God, I thank you for the night, And for the pleasant morning light; For rest and food and loving care, And all that makes the day so fair. Please help me do what’s good and right, Be kind to all, be strong and bright; In all I do, […]

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