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Customer Reviews of Personalized Coloring Books

Here’s what customers are saying about our personalized coloring books…
– “Coolest coloring book ever!” ~ Mary Ann Winter
– “Beautiful! My goddaughter loved it!!!” ~ Angela Mistretta
– “This book is beautiful with my daughter’s name at the top of every inspirational quote. Lovely sayings!” ~ Mrs. H
– “Great for all ages! Gave this to our preschool director and she teared up… I thought she would keep it in her office for kids to make her pictures when needing to keep them occupied, but she loved it so much I don’t think she’ll hand it over… Going to buy for twin 5 year olds too.” ~ OMGgirls
– “My daughter LOVED this book as well as myself too! It is fun to her to see her name listed in the book to color! I may purchase another one for her to have when she is finished coloring this one!” ~ SC
– “Perfect personal gift to tell someone they r loved.” ~ Melissa Williams

Personalized Coloring Books: Coloring Your Own Name!

Children love seeing, hearing and coloring their own name. We offer personalized coloring books with uplifting messages, inspirational quotes and unconditional love. YOU ARE LOVED can be read to children as a storybook. Designed for younger children, YOU ARE LOVED features cute animal illustrations, along with words of love and encouragement. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES features quotes to inspire and motivate children (and adults too!), along with bird and floral illustrations. Give the gift of love with our personalized coloring books!

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