Bedtime Stories: A Personalized Bedtime Story with Sleep Affirmations

Bedtime Story: Sleep Affirmations for Kids (Personalize It!)


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Product Description

Looking for bedtime stories for kids? A Bedtime Story for You is one of our personalized books for kids. This beautiful picture book is designed to prepare kids for sleep. It features sleep affirmations and gentle rhymes. Throughout the story, sleepy animals prepare the star of the story (given the name of your choice) for bedtime. As each animal says “Goodnight,” the child responds with sleep affirmations. A Bedtime Story for You is illustrated in shades of blue. Studies show that the color blue has a calming effect.

Preview the Personalized Bedtime Story Online

When you buy your personalized book, the name “BEN” will be changed to the child’s name of your choice. Please note that the appearance of text and colors on your screen may vary slightly from the printed book. In addition, there may be minor text edits in your version of the book.

Personalized Books – Book Details

  • Child’s name on Cover, Title Page, Dedication Page, and throughout the story as the Star
  • Book Measures 8-1/2 inches by 8-1/2 inches
  • Cover: Glossy Soft Cover
  • Book Pages: 30 story pages

Bedtime Stories for Kids with Sleep Affirmations

Bedtime can be challenging for parents and kids alike. Creating a relaxing bedtime routine can improve kids’ sleep. Bedtime stories for kids can help soothe the mind and body. Bedtime Stories for kids can also nourish a positive attitude toward sleep. In A Bedtime Story for You, we feature sleep affirmations. Positive affirmations can be helpful tools. Research shows that positive affirmations can improve mood and performance. This is why we include them in our personalized books, including bedtime stories for kids.

Bedtime Stories for Kids with the Calming Color of Blue

In A Bedtime Story for You, all pictures appear in shades of blue. Studies show that blue is a calming color. In fact, blue can reduce blood pressure. In 2000, Glasgow used blue street lighting in certain areas. Glasgow later reported reduced crime in these areas.

Highlights of Personalized Books and Bedtime Stories for Kids

Celebrate a child with bedtime stories for kids! As one of our bedtime stories for kids, this picture book features:

  • Positive Affirmations can improve mood, attitude, and even performance!
  • Soothing Blue Colors can calm and prepare us for sleep.
  • Personalization can engage a child’s attention and boost self-esteem.
  • Repetition can improve a child’s vocabulary, even at a very young age.

Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Kids

Reading stories for kids has many benefits. Bedtime stories build the child and parent bond; boost brain health; and help prepare kids for sleep. Below are links to articles about bedtime stories for kids.

Bedtime Stories for Kids: A Personalized Bedtime Story with Sleep Affirmations

Power of Personalized Children’s Books

Personalized books make the best gifts for kids. When you read personalized books, you repeat a child’s name again and again. According to research, name repetition is a great way to give kids a boost. When kids hear their name spoken positively, they tend to feel pretty good about themselves. In addition, their attention is drawn toward the speaker. In fact, the sound of a kid’s name can create a short “trance.” In this “trance,” the child waits with anticipation to hear whatever is said next. This is one reason personalized books can be so powerful.

Bedtime Stories for Kids: A Personalized Bedtime Story with Sleep Affirmations

Prepare a Child for Sleep with Bedtime Stories for Kids!