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Thankful for You (Attitude of Gratitude) is one of our personalized books, gratitude stories for kids, and Thanksgiving gifts for kids.Inspire an Attitude of Gratitude with Thankful for You

If you want to inspire an attitude of gratitude, then you’ve come to the right place. Thankful for You is one of our personalized books and gratitude stories for kids. Together with fun rhymes and cute dog photos, Thankful for You expresses gratitude for the child (who will be given the name of your choice), including their day of birth. In addition, the book repeats the affirmation “I am thankful,” expressing gratitude for joys and wonders in the world. Not only do kids benefit from an attitude of gratitude, but adults do too. In fact, everyone reaps rewards from an attitude of gratitude. Specifically, studies show that gratitude can improve mental and physical health. Furthermore, gratitude can improve sleep. With this in mind, Thankful for You makes a great personalized gift for kids. All of our personalized books are priced at $19.95.

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If you purchase Thankful for You, the name “ABBY” will become the name of your choice. In addition, the appearance of text and colors on your screen may vary slightly from the printed book.


Thankful for You: Gratitude Stories for Kids

  • Child’s name on Cover, Title Page, Dedication Page, and throughout as the Star of the Story
  • Book Measures 8-1/2″ by 8-1/2″
  • Cover: Glossy Soft Cover
  • Book Pages: 30 story pages

Thankful for You: An Attitude of Gratitude is Good for You

Why give Thankful for You to a child? Because gratitude makes a great gift.

First of all, gratitude can improve the adult/child relationship (and all relationships). If we say “thank you” to a child, then that child feels noticed and appreciated — and vice versa. In addition, studies show that gratitude increases empathy and decreases aggression. With this in mind, gratitude can be helpful with emotional intelligence and the socialization of children.

Secondly, gratitude can improve self-esteem. If children feel grateful for what they have, then they are less likely to compare themselves negatively with others.

Thirdly, gratitude can improve well-being. If children feel grateful, then they have less room for negative emotions. In fact, studies show that gratitude increases happiness and reduces depression. Therefore, if children feel happier (and less depressed), they are more likely to take care of themselves.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. In order to learn more about gratitude, check out the following links.

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Thankful for You - Personalized Books with Attitude of Gratitude


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Such a sweet book! Love it! So happy w my purchase! ~ LM

This was adorable! ~ Lindsey

Precious Book. Ordered for my Godchild and then my own kids saw it and they wanted a book made with their own names. ~ Amazon Customer