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Personalized Coloring Book: You Are Loved


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Product Description

Give the gift of love with You Are Loved. In You Are Loved, the personalized coloring pages showcase the child’s name thirty (30) times. In addition, the coloring book pages feature adorable animals for children to color. With fun rhymes and sweet illustrations, this personalized coloring book makes a great gift for preschool and kindergarten children. Throughout the coloring book, each animal offers unconditional love and words of encouragement to the child. You Are Loved celebrates positive thinking and love for children. If you are looking for personalized coloring books for older children, check out our Inspirational Quotes for Kids.

You Are Loved: Read the Coloring Book Online

Read the coloring book You Are Loved online. Please note that “Eric” will be changed to the child’s name of your choice.

You Are Loved: Coloring Book Details

  • Child’s Name Appears 33 Times in You Are Loved
    (including Cover, Title Page, Dedication Page, and Coloring Pages)
  • Book Measures: 11 inches by 8-1/2 inches
  • Coloring Pages: 30 Coloring Pages
  • Cover: Glossy Soft Cover
  • Do Not Use Markers. Please use crayons or colored pencils.

Book Reviews for You Are Loved

My daughter LOVED this book as well as myself too! It is fun to her to see her name listed in the book to color! I may purchase another one for her to have when she is finished coloring this one! ~ SC

Great for all ages! Gave this to our preschool director and she teared up. Growing up with a unique name, she never had anything personalized. This coloring book is done do nicely! I thought she would keep in her office for kids to make her pictures when needing to keep them occupied, but she loved it so much I don’t think she’ll hand it over. Might have to buy her a second one for actual use. Going to buy for twin 5 year olds too. ~ OG

Delightful coloring book. My niece and her daughter were delighted. Let the coloring begin. ~ Patricia Allen

Perfect personal gift to tell someone they are loved. ~ Melissa Williams

5 Stars. Great to be able to find a personalized book for an unusual name 🙂 ~ Mrs. Linda Krieder

I purchased 2 of these sweet personalized coloring books for Valentines’s Day for my grandchildren and was very happy I did. While I felt they were pricey, I found them to be exactly what I was looking for, and would not hesitate to order other products from this company. ~ Karen T.

You Are Loved: Personalized Coloring Books with Words of Encouragement and Unconditional Love

Since happy thoughts lead to a happy mind, we have packed our personalized books with positive sayings and inspirational quotes. In addition, personalized coloring books can boost to kids’ self-esteem. When you read personalized coloring books aloud, you repeat the child’s name over and over again. According to research, this name repetition engages a child’s attention and improves their self-esteem. When children hear their name spoken in a positive way, they tend to feel pretty good about themselves. In fact, the sound of a child’s name can create a momentary “trance.” In this “trance,” the child waits with anticipation to hear the next word. As a result, personalized coloring books can have a powerful impact.

You Are Loved - Personalized Coloring Books and Coloring Books for Kids

Get Inspired by Personalized Coloring Books!

Adults love our personalized coloring books as much as children do! Parents and grandparents tell us that reading our personalized coloring books inspires them as well as their beloved children and grandchildren. We appreciate the positive feedback. Give You Are Loved to a special child (or adult) in your life.